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Digital Bolex D16 will ship this week

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Digital Bolex/RedSharkDigital Bolex shipping this week

We've just heard from the Digital Bolex people that their Digital 16mm CCD, global shutter camera will be shipping this week. Here are the first details

The Digital Bolex team announced today that D16 is going to start shipping this week.   This first wave of 100 cameras will go to the initial KickStarter backers.  They also announced today that the official opening for pre-orders of the next 500 cameras will begin on December 16th at 10am EST.

The D16 will be available in two models: one with a 256GB internal drive, which will retail for $3,299, and a 500GB version which will cost $3,599.

Here's what they have to say:


"It’s been a long journey for us here at Digital Bolex, and we thank you all for your continued support and patience as our project has developed and evolved.


Since our Kickstarter ended, we have made hundreds of changes to the camera based on feedback from our camera backers, accomplished cinematographers, and industry veterans, resulting in a far more polished and professional tool than we originally envisioned. We believe that an affordable camera that preserves the experience and aesthetic of shooting film fills an important position in the digital marketplace, and we could not have done it without your help and support.

We’re pleased to announce that the Digital Bolex D16 will begin shipping to backers starting this week. If you are a backer, we will contact you shortly to verify your shipping addresses and contact details, so please make sure that emails from digitalbolex.com will clear your spam filter.

For those of you who are not backers but are interested in purchasing a camera, we are also announcing our first official pre-sale for the next 500 cameras! This pre-sale will open on December 16th at 10am EST through our website with a retail price of $3,299 for a 256 GB camera, and $3,499 for the 512 GB camera. Stay tuned for the official pre-sale link which we’ll be announcing here later in the week.

You will need to be logged in as a member of the site in order to make a purchase, so if you plan to buy a camera, but do not already have a user account, please create an account here on our site before December 16th to ensure an easy checkout.

If you are not ready to purchase a camera, but still want to support our mission, our store will also have Digital Bolex branded accessories and apparel items. And all support is greatly appreciated."

Visit their website here

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