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The Sony F65 is now an Indie Film camera!

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La Vie Nous AppartientF65 in La Vie Nous Appartient

It's kind of surprising to see a top-end camera like the F65 being used in smaller independent films. But the reality is that it's not so expensive and difficult to operate that it's out of range of this type of production. And here's the proof

We've quickly become accustomed to the idea that independent films ( a term which quite often is synonymous with "low-budget") are made with cameras like a Canon 5D or, more recently, the Blackmagic Cinema range. Occasionally you'll find the Canon Cinema cameras in use, and even - incredibly - the odd iPhone.

At the other end of the scale, Sony's no-compromise F65 is more naturally associated with blockbusters like Oblivion http://www.redsharknews.com/production/item/674-claudio-miranda-on-oblivion-and-the-sony-f65

So it's kind-of surprising to read hear that the F65 has been used on a small independent film. Ignoring the cost of it, it's quite a complex workflow, and the data files are, how shall we put it: huge!

But it's worth it. The pictures from the F65 show that there is still an important difference between the top end and entry level cameras. Much of the F65's potential is still untapped because it actually sports an 8K sensor. By recording the raw output from the camera,  that information is retained and we're told by Sony that anyone who kept their raw footage from the first day that the camera was released, can actually extract more data from it today thanks Sony pushing the capabilities of their software.

Funny, challenging and poingnant

La vie Nous Appartient is a challenging, funny and poignant film that shows what can be done when a good cinematic idea is captured with a top-end camera. And it shows that with a bit of planning and some well-placed backing, even the most rarified of cameras are within reach of independent productions.

You can read about how La vie Nous Appartient was made here and can see the trailer after the break.






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