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Phantom Flex 4K Skateboard Video

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Courtesy of Brain Farm, a high-end video production house, comes a skateboard video shot on the Phantom Flex, the 4K 1000fps camera.

Remember when skateboard videos were shot exclusively on small, cheap handheld cameras? Even before the start of the action cam craze, you easily could find a pack of skaters in the city, filming their tricks and antics on one of these cheap, sub-$500 budget HD cams.

Well, what we're about to show you is not one of those vids. The following video was shot and produced by Brain Farm, a Wyoming-based video production firm that specializes in the high-end, both in production techniques and results. When Brain Farm decides to do a skateboarding video, you can bet that they're going to give it the 'kitchen sink' treatment.

The kitchen sink, in this case, means using the Phantom Flex. We've covered the Phantom Flex camera since its announcement, but here's a quick primer: it's a camera that can shoot compressed or RAW 4K. But the kicker is its ability to shoot at very high speeds, up to 1000fps at 4K, and even higher frame rates at lower resolutions. The camera retails between $99K-$159K, depending on the package, which means it's a rental unit for most of us.

So sit back and enjoy skateboarding at its 4K, slo-mo finest after the break













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