31 Oct 2013

The best Magic Lantern footage we've ever seen

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The best Magic Lantern footage we've ever seen The best Magic Lantern footage we've ever seen Andre Meyer



Andre Meyer has produced some wildlife footage using a Canon 5D Mk III, the like of which we've never seen

Not only does this footage show how good the pictures from a Magic Lantern-equipped EOS camera can be, but they're the sharpest pictures we've ever seen on Vimeo as well.

We chatted via email to Andre and he's give his tips for encoding later in the article.


This really has been an amazing year for unofficial third-party software innovations. We've been blown away by what's achievable - even from obsolete cameras that were never designed to record video at all!

Raw is now part of the DSLR moviemaker's vocabulary and with tools like Blackmagic Resolve, as well as a few intermediate processes, the workflow isn't too bad at all, although necessarily more complex than shooting straight to ProRes in Rec 709.

There's never been a wider choice of kit and technologies for filmmakers. If you're prepared to put up with a slightly more complex workflow, and to take responsibility for the final look of your images (and what serious filmmaker wouldn't?) then there's no reason why you shouldn't go out and shoot world-class images on an everyday budget.

Andre has added to his Vimeo notes to explain how he achieved such an incredibly sharp-looking Vimeo image

After five trips to the game reserve, some test footage and a 10 day holiday in Mossel Bay we ended up with 1 terabyte of raw stock footage. I've now edited this down to 3 minutes. 

Everything was graded with the new Resolve 10. Finally the pink fringing problem is completely gone with Resolve 10! Another great new feature is a special RAW sharpening tool designed for RAW footage that really improves the quality.

I did not apply noise reduction. I have Resolve Lite free so I cannot do that. I do have Neat Video for FCP but didn't use it on any of the shots because it was not necessary.

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