27 Mar 2018

Frame.io receives major new features and upgrades

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Frame.io receives major new features and upgrades Frame.io


As the pre-NAB announcements start to come in, Frame.io has announced a major revamp with over 150 new features and performance upgrades.

The world of collaborative post production and client review services is hotting up quite considerably. Frame.io is one of the premier video collaboration and review platforms, and the company certainly hasn't been resting on its laurels.

With nearly a year in development, the company claims that the new system is now over 100 times faster at browsing through media, and supports upload speeds above 1Gb/s. 4K video is now fully supported with vastly improved performance, so playback in general should be a lot smoother with less buffering than previously. Comments can now also have ranges applied to them. This last feature is quite an interesting one and will allow clients or producers to be able to better describe where they might want a cut or title to be.

Versioning has also received a revamp with the ability to re-arrange the stack of versions quickly and easily.


Commenting is now much more flexible in the new Frame.io

Wider appeal

Another new inclusion that is sure to widen the appeal of the service is the ability to upload images, audio files, and PDF documents. It is all to easy to forget that the design world often needs a practical client review process as well, and the inclusion of such files is bound to come as a welcome relief to both existing users, and potential new ones.

Such services are now an invaluable part of post production workflow and it makes me shudder to think of how cumbersome client approvals and ammendments used to be!

These new features are just the tip of the iceberg. Watch a video about the Frame.io revamp below.


The Frame.io press release follows on the next page.

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