24 Oct 2014

The Foundry Reveals NUKE 9

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The Foundry Release NUKE 9 The Foundry Release NUKE 9 The Foundry


The Foundry have had great success with NUKE. The release of version 9 with NUKE Studio adds a timeline and turns NUKE into a complete tool for editing and compositing

 Since 2007 The Foundry have been developing and marketing NUKE, a node based digital compositing package which was originally written as an in-house tool for Digital Domain. In that time it has been extremely successful and has become the tool of choice for many VFX artists working in Feature Films, Television and Commercials.

The Foundry have just announced NUKE 9 with the addition of NUKE Studio, which adds timeline based editing and conforming tools to the Node based compositing tools of NUKE and NUKEX. Editors can conform material or create edits in NUKE Studio, then add node based composites to clips in the timeline. A lot of the effects are GPU accelerated and will play back in real time on suitable systems.

The Foundry have also certified a hardware package based on an HP Workstation with Nvidia Graphics and Blackmagic I/O hardware to provide real-time 4K playback in NUKE Studio.

NUKE 9 and NUKE Studio will be available later this year with the option for new users to purchase the software on a monthly basis, therefore dividing the costs and making it easier for small FX houses and One Man Bands to get into NUKE. NUKE will be $351 per month with NUKEX at $660 per month and NUKE Studio at $770 per month.

Early next year there will also be a free version for non-commercial use which will allow hobbyists and researchers to get to grips with NUKE and learn how to use it.

You can read The Foundry's full press release after the break.

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