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New video showing added features in Lightworks 11.1 for Windows

Editshare/RedSharkLightworks for Windows 11.1

New video showing important new functionality in Lightworks for Windows 11.1

The Lightworks team has recently released version 11.1 for Windows, which has major improvements in several areas. In use, the most significant is the addition of native editing for H.264/MPEG-4 files. These formats were playable before in Lightworks but only on very powerful machines. Now, performance has been dramatically improved and it is no longer necessary to transcode these Long GOP files to an intermediate codec - although some may still choose to do so.

There is also more flexibility with media and project locations.

Here's Editshare's official video showing the improvements.



And here's a full-length official demo of Lightworks - for Linux in this example, but Lightworks looks pretty much identical on all platforms

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