FXhome updates HitFilm Pro and Imerge Pro compositor

Written by Andy Stout

FXhomeEvery book tells a story: new fx tools add new capabilities

New versions of the increasingly well-regarded editing and VFX software and impressive RAW image compositor pack in the feature goodies.

The latest version of the HitFilm editing and VFX software looks like adding a decent rung up the ladder for the program, which is already picking up a groundswell buzz.

Developer FXhome reckons that HitFilm 14 represents a significant leap forward, and it might very well have a point. Having announced plans to support select After Effects plugins natively within HitFilm earlier this year, HitFilm 14 extends that promise to encompass a whole range more, with more still to come.

Specifically, HitFilm 14 now includes support for Red Giant’s impressive 3D particle and motion graphics plug-in, Trapcode Particular; and a whole host of plugins from Video Copilot including Element 3D, Optical Flares, Saber (high energy beams, neon lights and other similar effects), Orb (3D spheres and planets), and Heat Distortion.

As well as this native support, there are also a number of VFX workflow enhancements including Chromatic Aberration Effects and Video Textures for 3D Models, as well as a simplified export workflow that allows users to export content directly from the timeline and comps.

HitFilm 14 is available immediately and is priced at $349 for a three-seat license.

Imerge Pro 5

Imerge Pro 5, meanwhile, adds six new effects to its repertoire.

Denoise: Reduces both luminance noise and colour noise while preserving detail in an image (perfect for restoring images taken at high ISOs)

Skin Retouch: Isolate and select the skin of a subject

Bevel and Emboss: Add bevelled edges or emboss to the layer beneath

Fractal Noise: Generates procedural textures and comes with a range of options and properties to create a wide array of textures

Heat, Smoke, Energy and Fluid Distortion: Four new fractal distortion effects for distorting layers in organic ways

Colour Match Background: The colour match functionality from the Chroma Key can now be used as a standalone effect, allowing users to colour match pre-keyed images to any other background image.

Alongside these there is also new RAW automatic lens correction, the addition of an average colour picker, the ability to lock masks and effects alongside a layer, and the ability to add presets to the ‘effect’ menu.

Imerge Pro 5 is available immediately and is priced at $199. The license contains two activations on Mac and PC.

And if you read this during the current Black Friday hoopla you can get 40% off between November 29 - December 2.

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