Searching content made easy with Digital Anarchy's PowerSearch for Premiere Pro

Written by Andy Stout

Digital AnarchyFrom speed to search inside Premiere

The latest addition to the Digital Anarchy stable is PowerSearch, a new plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that intelligently searches video clip metadata to help editors find what they want faster.

A new part of Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive Suite toolset of transcript, search and collaboration tools, the PowerSearch plugin is a metadata search tool that integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro. It allows editors to scour an entire project for metadata via keyword searches and compiles those results in a panel window; each result can be selected for review directly in the preview window at the precise timecode where that word or term appears in the sequence.

That’s all useful enough, but the fact that it can combine with the Transcriptive plugin means that the whole video can be turned into searchable content, whether or not it’s been through a tagging process first or not. Transcriptive automatically assigns timecode to every spoken word it analyses too, which should hopefully make all those instances in an hour of footage where an interviewee mentioned Subject X pop up swiftly and ready for review.

DA says that this is to date the only intelligent metadata search technology with direct integration with Adobe Premiere Pro. As such it could be a decent time-saver, so possibly well worth the $149 new user price (down to $69 for existing Transcriptive customers). Availability is immediate.

There is also a limited time promotional price for PowerSearch: $99.00 USD through November 15 ($50 off).

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