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Adobe's dramatic new NLE strategy goes across multiple devices

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Fast video sharing is all the rage right now, both for individuals and businesses. Adobe's new Project Rush is a cross-device video editing app that promises to make the fast creation and sharing of high quality video to social media on the move a breeze.

Adobe has announced a sneak peak at a cross-platform video content creation application specifically for creating and sharing online content.

Code named Project Rush, the application will run on virtually any device. It will incorporate motion graphics templates linked to the various Adobe pro applications and relies upon Adobe Sensei for audio.

Once content has been created and edited, a simple one-click publishes the content to social media.

Adobe’s initial tease targets the app to those who wish to “share online videos at a high frequency” as well as those who desire “to tell the story and engaging their audience vs. perfecting the edit.” Such description seems to fill an important niche in the way in which so much of social media is created and posted. Many creators in this niche simply do not have the time, inclination or even skills to create highly-produced content. And in fact such a level may not even be appropriate for the content they create. The ability to go beyond merely uploading a video from a mobile device can represent a vast improvement in the quality and story-telling ability of many creators.

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In a typical project workflow, a user might begin editing a project on a desktop machine. Since content will reside in the cloud, editing could continue on a phone or tablet. Templates may be added and customized. Then one click will upload the content to the target destination.

Project Rush will be demoed at the upcoming VidCon conference in Anaheim and will be released this fall. Adobe is soliciting applications for beta testers, seeking those who are active on-line content creators.

We will be following Project Rush’s development and continue to report our beta testing results.

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