Top 6 After Effects Tutorials of the Year (So Far) [Sponsored]

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In this ever-changing industry of ours, one thing is constant: there’s always more to learn. New video making techniques come and go and it’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends and developments.

Thankfully, the videography community is a generous bunch and they love sharing tips and insights. This year has already seen plenty of helpful video tutorials released online by talented editors and motion designers. To help keep you in top video editing form, we’ve rounded up our favorite ones so far.  

With this list, we’re focusing on Adobe After Effects tutorials. Take a look and learn how to create a diverse range of effects from Blade Runner inspired eyes to super-cool glitchy title sequences.  

1. Create a Realistic Planet

Need to give your sci-fi video a boost? With this stellar tutorial by RocketStock, it’s easy. Take a look and learn how to use After Effects to create a realistic looking planet. What’s more is that this tutorial comes along with free video assets to use too.

Watch the tutorial above, then head to RocketStock to download the freebies.

2) How to Loop Animations

Are you tired of copy-pasting keyframes in After Effects to create looping effects? Then this tutorial is going to make your day. Take a look to see how you can make an automatic looping command.

3) Animating Text Stroke in After Effects

Here’s a useful tutorial from the folks at PremiumBeat. In under 7 minutes, you’ll see how to animate on-screen text using After Effects. It’s a great way to give your video a sleek, professional edge. Check it out!

4) Blade Runner Eyes

Here’s a fantastic After Effects tutorial from RocketStock for all those Blade Runner fans out there. Here you’ll see how to make the iconic replicant red eye effect as well as the cloudy eyes sported by Jared Leto’s character. Press play and start learning!  

5) Annihilation Shimmer Effect

Here’s another cool sci-fi effect to have in your toolkit. This one is inspired by the ‘shimmer’ from the recent thriller, Annihilation. It’s a little tricky to master but when you do, the result is well worth the effort.

Download the free asset files first, then watch the step-by-step tutorial.

6) Create Glitchy Action Titles

Glitchy titles are an effective way to give your video a dirty, futuristic look. And now, with this super-handy video tutorial by RocketStock, you’ll see how to make your own using After Effects.

Without guidance, glitchy titles can be tough to pull off in a realistic way - the trick is to use randomized animations to replicate the chaos of faulty electronics. This video will take you through the whole process. Before you get started, download the free project assets first at RocketStock.

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