These new features from Wipster could take the pain out of video analytics

Written by Simon Wyndham

WipsterNew flow and Pulse tools from Wipster promise to make collaboration on video even easier

New Flow and Pulse tools from Wipster offer easy to view analytics and new project management tools

Wipster has long been at the forefront of video collaboration. In fact when it was introduced it was a revelation in terms of being able to work with video clients and to get instant feedback on edits.

Today, there is a lot more competition out there. Not just from direct rivals such as, but even from video sharing sites such as Vimeo, which now offer client versioning and commenting. So it is imperative for any given company to offer more incentives for using their services more than ever before.

One of the challenges of producing corporate and commercial video is not just in the editing itself, but actually measuring how well the video is performing. To this end Wipster has announced its new Flow and Pulse tools.

Among the features of Pulse is the ability to see realtime analytics as well as the new Healthscore feature, which looks at how audiences are responding to the video.

Healthscore allows collaborators to see at a glance via a simple colour coded target icon how well the video is performing in terms of views, duration, and engagement. Flow, on the other hand, allows potentially complex or multiple projects to be grouped automatically into actionable tasks based upon client feedback.

One of the great things about the new features is that videos can be published to multiple places and analytic overviews can be gathered from them all at once, saving a lot of time having to gather data from a lotr of seperate places.

Wipster's full press release follows on the next page.

Wipster Announces New Products to Enable Video-First Marketing Companies using Wipster platform to ramp up video content with intuitive post-production workflow and video analytics tools.

To help companies pivot to a video-first content marketing strategy, Wipster, a video collaboration and publishing platform, announces Flow™ and Pulse™, collaborative post-production workflow and video analytics tools that enable teams to get more out of their video investment.

Video Content, Simplified

Nearly all video platforms include basic review tools and most publishing platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) include their own audience engagement metrics. Yet, these platforms still require contributors to self-manage their project workflow in separate spreadsheets and force marketers to log into countless tools in an attempt to interpret the results. Wipster is the only platform to bridge these gaps so that teams can efficiently collaborate on video revisions, store them in a shared multimedia asset library, publish videos across a variety of tools and easily understand the results—all in one platform.

Patrick MacFie, global director of media for Xero, is an in demand speaker on the subject of video marketing, and had early access to Wipster’s Flow and Pulse tools. “At Xero, we’ve long understood the power of video in building a loyal and engaged audience,” said MacFie. “We’re excited to use products like Wipster Flow and Pulse that make video collaboration effortless and connect the creative and publishing teams to the greater impact of their work.”

Transparent Workflow From Start to Finish

Wipster Flow guides modern teams—often working from different locations—through what would otherwise be a complex video review process. Contributors simply annotate directly on videos and projects become automatically organized into actionable stages so that teams can efficiently balance multiple projects at a time. Wipster Pulse provides publishing tools and the industry’s first comprehensive video HealthScore to visually surface the total audience-impact of a video, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming task of gathering and interpreting analytics data across social media and video marketing channels.

With the addition of Flow and Pulse, the Wipster platform enables marketing and creative teams to remain efficient and agile as they embrace video as the cornerstone of their content marketing strategy:

  • Action-oriented project stages (new, in review, working on it, and approval) help maintain project momentum and eliminate the need to manually track project status.
  • Video HealthScores pull audience data in real-time across platforms so that teams spend less time logging in and data-crunching and more time improving their work.
  • Simplified analytics synthesize key video engagement metrics so that teams can quickly can see how many people viewed, how long they watched, and what actions they took (sharing, commenting, etc.) on a particular video.
  • Visual multimedia asset management (MAM) library increases transparency and accessibility by including previous versions, feedback, reviewers and HealthScores on every project file.
  • Heads up dashboard keeps teams up-to-date on project activity and status
  • Integrated workflow between creative video review tools and publishing platforms allows teams to work more efficiently and minimize workflow disruption.

In addition to internal marketing teams, creative agencies use Wipster to increase the volume of video content they can produce internally and externally for clients. “Being a content creation company, we live and breathe video. We also practice what we preach and all internal communications happen via video because it’s the most engaging way to communicate,” said Tim Moylan, COO of creative agency Shootsta. “We’re excited about products like Wipster Flow and Pulse because they make it so much easier to manage multiple projects at once, push revisions out faster, quickly iterate based on audience impact—and most importantly—exceed our clients' expectations.”

About Wipster
Wipster’s new Flow™ and Pulse™ tools are available to demo and purchase. To learn more about Wipster and to get started with a free trial of the platform, please visit

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