Mind-boggling hyperlapse shows off Faena District in Miami in ways we didn't think possible

Written by Simon Wyndham

FaenaOne of the most incredible hyperlapse sequences we have seen

There's no two ways about it. Making a good hyperlapse is incredibly diffcult, even for the simplest ones. Which makes this tourism promotion all the more amazing.

We have no idea who the creator of this tourisim promo was. We could make some pretty good guesses, but whoever made it knows what they are doing. There are scenes and transitions within this video that seem almost impossible, and the mind boggles as to how they were achieved, or the time it must have taken. After Effects? Most definitely, but that still cannot take away from the creativity and talent on offer here. Even if you are becoming a bit tired of hyperlapse, perhaps some of the effects show within this will still bring a smile to your face.

If anyone knows who made it, we'd love to know in the comments below! In the meantime, enjoy the video. We certainly did.

Tags: Post & VFX


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