Boris FX trails multiple updates ahead of NAB

Written by Erik Vlietinck

Boris FXMocha goes 360!

Boris FX will be updating its plug-in packages Continuum and Sapphire with some major new features, as well as showcasing Mocha VR, its new 360/VR tool at NAB.

Technology advancements in keying, motion tracking, and 360 video optimisation drive new features into the Boris FX family of products. Sapphire 11 will include integrated Mocha tracking and masking technology for creative effects isolation, while a license agreement with Photron will bring Primatte chroma keying to all Boris FX products.

Sapphire 11 will integrate Mocha’s tracking and masking tools directly into all its filters. Integrated masking inside the Sapphire toolset, particularly the lighting and glow effects, should open some interesting new doors for Sapphire users. The Sapphire toolset will be offered as nine individual Sapphire Units, allowing for greater pricing flexibility.

Continuum 11 adds new tools for VFX, motion graphics and finishing, including Primatte’s chroma keyer. New Title Studio features include a real-time 3D particle engine and improved UI for motion graphics and title design. A new 360/VR Unit based on Mocha VR technology for 360 video finishing includes Reorient, 360 optimised blurs and sharpening, and an Insert 2D 360 filter.

Talking of which, Mocha VR brings native 360 optimised tracking, masking, object removal, and horizon stabilisation tools to numerous host applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC and more. The product is available as a plug-in or standalone application for OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Sapphire, Continuum, and Mocha will all support RLM (Reprise License Manager) floating licence services for enterprise customers, allowing administrators to share all Boris FX licenses and background render capabilities across a facility.

A new Boris FX Suite, meanwhile, will make three plug-in packages (Sapphire, Continuum and Mocha Pro) available together on one license with a more cost-effective pricing. The Boris FX Suite will be available as a permanent license or as an annual subscription for Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk, Blackmagic Design, and other host applications. Pricing to come, but as a guide the same unbadged bundle is currently available from $2295 on the Boris FX website.

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