A beginner's intro to colour correction

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

AlphaDogs / Editor's Lounge / RedShark NewsWhy do we need colour correction?

An invaluable video that helps explain everything to do with colour correction for those just starting out.

At RedShark News, we cater to our community of professional filmmakers and craftspeople, which invariably leads to articles that assume a general level of knowledge of film/video terms and processes. Of course, we are sensitive to the fact that some of our readers may have just entered the profession or otherwise are in the 'early learning' stage. For these readers, sometimes it's helpful to backtrack a little and provide building blocks for their growth.

In that vein, we're featuring the video below from Editor's Lounge, "the hip forum for post-production professionals," which was produced in conjunction with AlphaDogs, a Burbank-based production/post house.

This video, which first appeared online in 2014, explains in clear, easy-to-understand language what colour correction is and what can be accomplished with a series of basic adjustments. It should probably be noted that colour correction in post is not a replacement for a good cinematographer, but rather a set of tools to more faithfully realize your intent.

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