Easy drag-and-drop video effects clips from Rampant

Written by David Shapton

Rampant DesignRampant Design's Motion Graphics for Editors Version 2

Sometimes, the simplest solution is best, which is why we like Rampant Design's new Motion Graphics for Editors Version 2.

We really like it when someone releases a product that just works. Anything that can apparently reverse the trend of life seeming more and more complicated is very welcome with us.

That's why we're mentioning Rampant Design's new Motion Graphics for Editors Version 2.

The idea is simple. These are video clips that contain graphical elements for you to add to your production. They include boxes, triangles, speech bubbles, wobbly-looking text and all manner of up-to-the-minute stylistic touches.

To use them –  remember they're just video clips (in QuickTime format) –  just drop them onto your timeline.

Rampant Design makes the important point that these are not plug-ins. They will work with everything, everywhere. There is no configuration. You just select them and use them.

Here's a clip showing V2 in action:

Tags: Post & VFX


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