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How to make a realistic CGI strawberry in 5 minutes

1 minute read

Daniel Mozbäuchel5 Minute CGI Strawberry

Here's a video tutorial to model a CGI strawberry. Although it's specifically for Cinema 4D, those using other 3D modeling and animation programs could pick up some tips as well.

Anyone who has at least experimented with a 3D modeling and animation knows how difficult it is to achieve photo-realistic results, even when the desired output is a single image. In the past, I dabbled with Blender 3D enough to know the skill, knowledge, attention to detail and patience necessary to make, say, a convincing strawberry.

In the following video tutorial, 3D artist Daniel Mozbäuchel reveals his technique for modeling a strawberry. Mozbäuchel described how he adapted the process for his system's resources: "Often, the Collision-Deformer is used to press the holes in the berry. This slows down my iMac with i7 processor completely. I have found that the Points Selection of a low poly object is stored when i put it under a Subdivison-Surface and then converts them into a high-resolution Object. Here, you can easily push the points with a Soft-Selection, without the computer [slowing] down." Unfortunately, Mozbäuchel's tutorial doesn't instruct how to complete the scene from this article's featured image, but its brisk five minute duration means you have plenty of time to look up other tutorials to fill out your own creation.

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