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ioGates release version 4.6

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ioGates have just released version 4.6 of their cloud-based video sharing and transcoding software with improved performance and new features

 ioGates, who are based in Denmark, first started working on a web based video management tool in 2003, so they have plenty of experience in dealing with video sharing and transcoding. They have just released a new version of their software which has had a lot of the underlying code rewritten to improve performance and has some interesting new features, many based on client requests.

ioGates allows you to create an account where you can upload media to their servers using an accelerated upload technology that will transfer your material as fast as possible. Once uploaded it can be automatically transcoded to many different video formats including broadcast and non-broadcast codecs and then made available to your clients in a simple web-based interface. This lets your clients playback the media, step through it frame by frame and add comments as required. All without the need to download the media (but with the option to download encoded or master files as specified by you).

You can also choose to distribute files to FTP servers or online video hosting servers like YouTube, with all logins and passwords securely stored by the system so that it becomes a simple matter of drag and drop.

Two stage authentication

Some of the latest changes include adding an extra layer of security, allowing two factor authentication to be applied to login and clip access. This requires the user to enter their password and also a code which is sent via SMS to their mobile phone. This means it is almost impossible for someone to access your account without access to your mobile device.

Other workflow improvements include allowing upload directly to shared folders so that anyone on your team can have immediate access to the material and automated workflows which allow any combination of ioGates functions to be automatically applied to any uploaded clip.

You can get a free account with 1GB of storage here or you can contact ioGates to get pricing on larger accounts.

ioGates have also just signed a partnership agreement with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, here is their press release:

ioGates, a provider of cloud-based tools for sharing, converting, and distributing professional media files in a simple-to-use Web interface , has signed a three-year partnership agreement with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). Under the agreement, ioGates will provide DR with its own ioGates-powered portal for easily sharing and exchanging audiovisual content among its various departments and content partners. This solution requires no advanced technical knowledge on the part of users. ioGates supplies similar hosting solutions to broadcasters such as TV3 Sport, TV 2 Denmark, SBS Discovery, and Nordisk Film Shortcut.
"We wanted a uniform, professional solution that would make it possible to share sound and video files both internally and externally without spending a great deal of time and resources on training employees to use and operate the new system," said Gert Hansen, team leader for media systems, technological development, at Danish Broadcasting Corporation. "Outsourcing is part of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's strategy, and we knew from recent experience that ioGates could supply a reliable cloud solution that is also very user-friendly. The ease of use was an important parameter when we chose the solution."
The partnership comes on the heels of a successful collaboration during the recent international Eurovision Song Contest 2014, in which ioGates provided DR with a video-hosting solution that made it technically possible for the 37 participating countries to exchange large and complex media files throughout the competition.
The ioGates portal satisfies DR's requirement for an intuitive solution that can be used by everyone without the need for technical IT support. DR users can upload, convert, share, and distribute content in any video format, making it possible for the various DR departments and program producers to send, receive, and approve professional video files quickly. For example, DR's different departments can quickly send clips out to employees in the field, while camera operators can easily send clips back to editorial staff. At the same time, program-producing departments can send video files and daily rushes to producers, directors, and others involved in new productions in order to make editing and programming decisions without delay.
"Denmark Broadcasting Corporation is an important source of programming for the people of Denmark. Having a partnership with this respected national broadcaster speaks volumes about the ioGates platform's sophisticated simplicity," said ioGates CEO Jesper Andersen. "ioGates not only meets DR's requirement for a professional system that is easy to use, but it also helps accelerate DR's workflow to ensure that it can send content to air as quickly as possible."

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