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Learning Renderman: a fantastic series of online tutorials - free!

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A really great resource for anyone wanting to learn this complex software

Pixar made a surprise announcement a few days ago that it was giving away its iconic Renderman software to anyone that was using it non-commercially. In a competitive world, this makes a lot of sense, because it's complicated, and if you can learn it in your own time, on your own system, there will be a lot more Renderman flag-wavers out there in a few years. So, long-term, it's a good bet for Pixar.

But how do you learn it? Well, here's a good way.

Mark Flanagan has put together a vast number of tutorials designed to navigate through the layers of complexity in Renderman. This stuff isn't easy. Even if it installs, the initial settings can be bewildering. But they won't be if you watch this.

Well done, Mark, and thanks for all the effort in putting these together!

Here's the first video from the series.



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