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Apple Releases FCP X 10.0.6

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Apple/RedSharkFCP X gets major new upgrade

Apple has released FCP X 10.0.6, perhaps the most far reaching of all updates since the released of FCP X in June, 2011.

Responding to user feature requests as well as to many of the complaints voiced since the initial software release, FCP X 10.0.6 incorporates a number of major additions and fixes.

Fixes and features in detail

  • Expanding multichannel audio files to edit individual channels precisely
  • XML 1.2 import/export
  • Redesign of the “share” interface including sharing of range selection
  • Full Red camera support; native REDCODE Raw and background ProRes transcoding
  • MXF support
  • Import window is now unified for file-based and camera-resident files
  • Single-keystroke freeze frame
  • Ability to add chapter markers to video files
  • Ability to keep Connected Clips in place within primary story line while moving, slipping, etc
  • Dual viewers with selectable scope display
  • Drop shadow effect with controls
  • Compound Clip creation in timeline saves clip in Event Browser
  • Paste attributes command allows choice of attributes to be pasted
  • Improved Range Selection options
  • New ability to combine audio from multiple angles within Multicam Clip

Motion and Compressor

Also updated today were Motion and Compressor. Motion 5.005 improves anti-aliasing for enhanced text sharpening, allows opening multiple projects simultaneously and faster loading of complex projects. Compressor 4.0.5 sees improvements in cluster set up as well as greater compatibility with certain unspecified third-party QuickTime enhancements.

These updates all require either Mac OS 10.6.8, 10.7.5 or 10.8.2.

The dual viewer as well as multichannel audio features were among the most requested from users and initial feedback on the various blogs and discussion forums has been very positive. Apple had revealed at NAB 2012 that these features along with Red and MXF support would be arriving before the end of the year.

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