Graphics and design in animation

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Ben Collier-MarshGraphics and design in animation

 We see a lot of excellent 3D work. Some of it is ultra-realistic, and some is incredibly stylised. It all depends on what the production calls for

But look closely at what you see on TV and you'll find a lot of content that's definitely not realistic, and looks more like the kind of thing you'd see in a print publication or in the design of a trendy website - except that it's moving.

Ben Collier-Marsh, an animator and designer working in London, has produced this showreel. It's an impressive collection of brightly coloured, stylish and attention grabbing themes. Some are "annotated" real-motion, and others are more abstract designs.

It's a rare marriage of skills: visual design and 3D animation, all aimed at promoting and branding products and production for clients.



Tags: Post & VFX


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