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Real Time Retouching?

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The Soup/RedsharkBoggie

A few years ago Dove made some excellent commercials using timelapse to show how a models face was digitally retouched for a poster campaign. Now Hungarian singer Boggie has taken the concept a step further...

 The Dove "Campaign for Real Beauty" ad was a groundbreaking use of timelapse to show the processes involved in making a model look "right" for a poster.

Now Hungarian post collective "The Soup" have taken that concept and applied it to a the video for "Nouveau Parfum" by Boggie, only now the retouching all takes place in real time as she is singing.

The song is in French and is basically a protest against consumerism and designer brands.

They shot the singer in four different states of hair and make up and then spent a long time compositing extra layers in After Effects to create the final result. Even the User Interface for the software was created by them. 

It's a brilliant piece of work and it must have required a lot of painstaking effort and patience. Take a look below.

It is remarkable and a little frightening that a lot of the comments are from people wanting to know which software package was used to do the retouching. :-)

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