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Pixotope @ NAB 2023: Putting the X back in Xr

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Video: New tech and new education initiatives to ease the talent shortage when it comes to Xr production from Pixotope.

"We've put the capital X back in Xr," says David Dowling, Chief Revenue Officer at the Pixotope, before detailing all that is going on with the company.

Its newest XR Edition is a case in point, the company claiming that its purpose-built tools address common operator pain points while removing the need for proprietary hardware; all of which effectively brings users an off-the-shelf XR solution. David also introduces us to Pixotope Fly, which is a drone tracking system that allows you to fly and track straight through your graphics, and the new Pixotope Education Programme that has been set up to bring new talent to the industry.

"One of the biggest blockers in this industry is the access to talent," he says. "We've set up the Pixotope Education Programme as something we're using to bring and nurture talent from universities, schools and colleges into this great industry that we love."

Have a look below.


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