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New Sony FX6 firmware adds 1.5x anamorphic de-squeeze and more

The Sony FX6 gets v5.0 firmware with immediate availability
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The Sony FX6 gets v5.0 firmware with immediate availability

Sony has released the ILME-FX6 ver.5.0 firmware update for its popular FX6 camera as it approaches its fourth birthday later this year.

A year ago in the run up to CineGear, Sony released v4.0 firmware for the FX6, and almost exactly a year later it's now bumping that up to v5.0.

Back then the headline feature was the new offer of a desqueeze function for anamorphic lenses with options of 1.3x and 2.0x. That has now been expanded with v5.0 to encompass a 1.5x de-squeeze function for anamorphic lenses.

Elsewhere, the firmware sees the introduction of :

  • Integrated high-quality 3D LUT processes inspired by the VENICE cinema camera, which allows for more accurate color processing and improved image quality
  • Support for the New Preset 709tone Base Look for broadcast
  • Support for the Monitor & Control app, including: Waveform and histogram displays, false-color and Focus Map displays, monitoring at 1024x576 resolution
  • Breathing Compensation Expansion: More lenses will be supported including 100-400 GM and the 200-600 G lenses
  • The ability to use the multi-selector to choose the focus target for the real-time tracking auto focus feature
  • 23.98PsF (progressive segmented frame) support for SDI output

And a few other bits and pieces. One word of caution: customers using the Content Browser Mobile app will not be able to use the monitoring function in it after the update. Sony therefore advises the installation of the Monitor & Control app (Ver. 2.0 or later) to continue using this feature.

A full list of new features and a download link is available here


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