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New Duclos focus chart, Spherical V4, now available

The Standard size of the new Duclos Spherical V4 chart
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The Standard size of the new Duclos Spherical V4 chart

The latest Duclos spherical focus chart, Spherical V4,  introduces some handy new features.

There is definitely going to be a gap in the market when DSC Labs closes down, even though companies are already buying up enough inventory to make sure its charts will remain in circulation for some years yet.

As the saying goes, other charts are available though, and Duclos Lenses has just released Spherical V4, developed after a period of collaboration with cinematographers that the company characterises as 'meticulous'.

New features include: An accurate RGB/CMYK color wheel; enhanced resolution evaluation tools; common industry standard aspect ratio markers; and a handy project info box.

The chart is fully functional for checking focus accuracy of spherical primes and zooms, and is printed in-house onto ultra-bright matte paper with Duclos' unique deep-black technique for excellent contrast and resolution. it ships carefully rolled and unmounted, and the charts are printed to order with or without custom branding. 

Two size are available. The Standard (main article image) is 24 in x 42 in (61 cm x 107 cm) while the Large (below) is 44 in x 76.76 in (112 cm x 195 cm). The Standard costs $200 and is available now, while the Large is billed as coming soon...

Duclos SphericalV4-Large


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