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NAB 2022: Signiant talks easy cloud media management

Signiant's stand at NAB 2022.
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Signiant's stand at NAB 2022.

Redshark’s Bas Goossens talks to Bill Thompson, Director of Platform Management, and Jon Finegold, Chief Marketing Officer, on the NAB 2022 show floor about what the company has to offer for cloud media management and file transfer, including the company's new Media Engine system.

The latest announcement from Signiant is its new Media Engine system. In the words of Signiant the Media Engine system is, "...a modern media management service built into the Signiant Platform. Easily do a federated search across all your storage – on premises and in the cloud – and quickly preview and interact with media assets. Results are immediately actionable via the powerful services available on the platform, anchored by fast file transfer."

All pretty self explanatory then. 

In terms of video professionals, Media Engine has some neat tricks lined up for future implementation. One of these is Partial File Restore, which will allow users to mark in and out points on a video clip, and then only move or transfer that portion. In lengthy clips this could save considerable bandwidth downloading or even just viewing the file.

Media Engine is included with every Signiant SaaS subscription, and makes managing media over multiple portals easy for even for non technically minded people.

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