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NAB 2022: Interview Emery Wells from Frame.io

Emery Wells from Frame.io at NAB 2022.
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Emery Wells from Frame.io at NAB 2022.

NAB 2022 may be over, but we still have great video content for you from the show, including this interview with Frame.io founder, Emery Wells.

In this video Bas Goossens chats with Co-Founder, and VP of Digital Products for Frame.io, Emery Wells. Bas speaks with Wells about the takeover of the company by Adobe, and about the new services it is now offering. Emery talks in detail specifically about the brand new camera to cloud service, which lets users upload footage ready for editing, straight from the set.

Emery shows us some of the devices that are compatible with the service, including the Shogun and Ninja Connect from Atomos. Wells also takes us through the brand new Apple TV app, from which clients can review footage with a new level of user friendliness and convenience.

The remote filmmaking workflow revolution is well underway. Watch the video below,  and if you like who you see, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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