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Move AI launches Move One, a single-camera motion capture app

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Move One promises to make it easy for animators and creators to capture and create 3D animations using only a iPhone.

Move AI has announced the official release of its new single-camera motion capture app, Move One, promising that it provides high-quality, realistic motion data that you can capture anywhere using just an iPhone. 

Given that not so long ago, mocap used to require multiple cameras in dedicated spaces and still often had problems with occlusion, it shows how far this part of the industry has come.

Move One adds to Move’s existing product line, which includes Move Single-Camera API, Move Multi-Cam, and the Invisible real-time partnership supported by disguise.

Move One features include: 

  • Single person motion capture from one iPhone 8 model or above 
  • 60fps FHD markerless motion capture 
  • Portrait and landscape mode shooting options
  • Export motion data in formats such as FBX and USD
  • ‘Move One Downloader’ - a Google Chrome Extension that allows users to download animation files from Move One in their web browser
  • Tiered subscriptions, including a free trial 

"At its core, Move AI is a research company specialising in applied AI, mathematics, physics and biomechanics,” says Dr. Nikos Zikos, VP of Science at Move AI. “Move One is the result of engaging deeply with the animator and creator community and directly addressing their needs. We heard the need for a single-camera motion capture solution and delivered a product that converts 2D video into high-quality 3D motion data from a single iPhone.”

Move One is available to download from the App Store now. The Free Plan offers 30 free credits, and the Starter Plan is $30/user/month.

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