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Move AI expands line-up with Move Live markerless motion capture

Real-time motion capture underway at a European Nike store
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Real-time motion capture underway at a European Nike store

Move Live markerless motion capture generates 3D motion data from video in real-time before post-processing it using advanced AI, computer vision, and physics models.

One of the key immediate benefits of the newly launched Move Live is that it removes the need for wearing mocap suits. The technology works by extracting natural human motion from video using a combination of advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics, and physics to automatically retarget the data to a character rig. 

You get two different types of output as a result. First the raw data which enables you to create a virtual character that can mirror human motion in realtime. Second, you get the chance to post-process it using the company’s established Move Engine for absolutely gold-standard motion data for use in higher end projects.

Move Live features include:

  • Real-time markerless motion capture 
  • On-prem and hardware agnostic 
  • Capture people in a 10x10m volume space with 4-8 cameras 
  • Less than 100ms latency 
  • Solo operation and “walk-on, walk-off” for subjects being captured 
  • 1 hour setup and 1 minute calibration time 
  • Unreal Engine 5 Plug-In 
  • Post-processing with the Move Engine for AAA quality motion data 

Move Live is already being used out in the real world. Here’s an example of what the marketing industry likes to call an activation nowadays delivered by creative agency OMM for UEFA Euro 2024 in Nike stores in London, Paris, and Berlin.

“OMM has been working with a number of motion tracking frameworks across various experiential activations for campaigns. Move AI’s lack of any noticeable latency and hyper-responsive motion tracking is really impressive and the perfect choice for the Euro 2024 experiential project currently live in London, Paris, and Berlin,” reckons Nik Arnhold, Director of Creative Digital Services at OMM. “The team at Move were dynamic and the system flawless. We can’t wait to experiment further with this framework and see just how far we can push the envelope.”

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