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Matrox Video supporting the move to the cloud and more at IBC2023

Angus Mackay, Senior Product Manager at Matrox Video
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Angus Mackay, Senior Product Manager at Matrox Video

One of the things that always surprises us about Matrox Video, no matter how many trade shows we see them at and how many different stands and booths of theirs we tour around, is the sheer amount of things they do.

Angus Mackay, Senior Product Manager at Matrox Video, gives us a quick tour of all the latest announcements from the company at the show this time round, and that sense of surprise remains unchanged. There are a lot of them. 

He starts with Matrox ORIGIN, which is no real surprise given how it is helping the industry and all the OEMs that Matrox supports move into cloud-based workflows.

“One of the exciting things that we're showing here is our developer framework for OEMs to be able to build fully virtual systems for tier one, live production,” Mackay says. “So this system is for OEMs and developers, and it will allow you to build a number of different services that are fully cloud native. So, they can take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer: agility, flexibility, scalability, all these great issues. That's called Matrox ORIGIN, and we're really excited to be showing it here.”

There is a lot more, too, including guest appearances by a very capable Wacom tablet and a RED camera.

“We have a very exciting partnership with RED, who have put 2110 capability into their camera, and so we're showing here in the booth how we can do 2110 conversion of  RED material. And so these cinema cameras that are making their way further down into the broadcast market, we can help customers use this new material. It’s very exciting to have this high-res, high-quality footage out of the RED camera through 2110 and then displayed on an HDMI monitor using Convert IT.” 

Have a look below.


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