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Matrox Video @ NABShow 2023: Solving the problems of taking workflows into the cloud

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Video: Matrox ORIGIN sees the company leverage its unique position as 'the plumbers of the industry' to create a cloud-based media framework that addresses the issues many broadcasters still find with the transition.

Francesco Scartozzi introduces us to Matrox ORIGIN, a development framework for the broadcast infrastructure of the future, and explains how it will provide the foundation for Tier 1 live production in the cloud without compromise. It offers built-in redundancy that requires no user intervention, giving broadcasters reliable, fail-safe workflows for major live broadcasts without having to think about it. It also provides systems on the fly as needed for each job while still meeting live-broadcast requirements.

"We are what I like to call 'the plumbers' of the industry, we are coming to it from understanding the problem that the cloud presents to the Broadcast industry," he says. "You have to really embrace it and understand that it's an asynchronous environment. The cloud was not built with Broadcast in mind. The frame accuracy, the resilience, the latency, that we need in broadcast does not exist in the cloud."

Because of its relationship with so many manufacturers Matrox Video has been in a unique position to understand the dynamics at work here and the result is Matrox ORIGIN. Watch the video below to find out more.


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