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LumaFusion now supports 10-bit video and Dolby Vision from iPhone 12

LumaFusion 2.4. Image: Luma Touch.
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LumaFusion 2.4. Image: Luma Touch.

LumaFusion, one of the most successful NLEs on mobile has been updated to support the new video modes from the latest iPhone 12.                                                                

LumaFusion is perhaps the only serious NLE available for mobile devices. Unlike most of the alternatives it actually allows fully featured editing rather than just being a cut down ‘toy’. And now it has been updated to version 2.4 to support the latest iPhone 12’s video modes.

One of the less talked about features of the iPhone 12 is that it now records 10-bit video as well as supporting a full Dolby Vision mobile experience. LumaFusion has been updated to support both with full HDR support. This includes projects using HLG, PQ P3, and Rec.709 10-bit colour spaces, as well as supporting HDR footage from a wide range of cameras and drones alongside the new iPhone 12.

H.265 video can be exported with an alpha channel, which will be useful for animation creation. There’s a new chroma keyer with automatic colour detection, mask display, and advanced erosion and spill suppression controls.

A new Luma keyer is presented with luma range, which includes rolloff, erosion, and edge blur radius controls. Project frame sizes and frame rates can also now be set automatically based upon the first clip to be dropped onto the timeline. There’s also support for limited photos access within iOS14, although the makers recommend granting the app full access to media for the best experience.

LumaFusion 2.4 is available from the Apple App Store for USD $29.99. For more information visit the Luma Touch website.

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