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LumaFusion for Android edges close to parity with iOS

1 minute read

A new, free update to LumaFusion for Android significantly enhances the color workflow experience for Android device editors and brings it closer to the iOS version.

Those who want to edit video on their Android phones have a slightly better choice of it all now with a new update to LumaFusion for Android.

The headline is an addition of a new Scopes feature, allowing LumaFusion for Android to present configurable histograms, waveforms and vectorscopes in real-time and in customizable panels. This means that LumaFusion editors will be able to see the results of settings changes immediately, and animate them to see results during video playback. All the Scopes will work for both HDR and SDR color spaces.

There’s more as well. Additional new features and enhancements in LumaFusion for Android include:

  • An improved Titling Preset workflow that makes it even easier and faster for editors to access and insert titles in their projects
  • Streamlined and improved audio import/export workflow
  • Improvements to blending modes while working with features like opacity
  • Enhanced workflows for working with voiceovers, external drive editing and library previews.

The LumaFusion update for existing customers is available immediately as a free update. For new customers, LumaFusion for ChromeOS and Android is available immediately for download from the Google Play Store and the Samsung Galaxy Store for $29.99.

Tags: Post & VFX Mobile editing