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LumaFusion 2.3 adds multiselect editing and Frame.io integration

LumaFusion 2.3 has been released.
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LumaFusion 2.3 has been released.

LumaFusion from Luma Touch has announced a major update to their NLE software for iOS devices with version 2.3.

LumaFusion 2.3 has been released.
LumaFusion 2.3 has been released. Image: Luma Touch.

The developers have completed Frame.io integration within the timeline, added Multiselect editing, cut/copy/paste, and more. These new features make LumaFusion an even more powerful editing solution for mobile filmmakers and video producers.

Let's dive in and see what's new.

LumaFusion 2.3 Features

LumaFusion added in the ability to export to XML to finish projects in Final Cut Pro X with version 2.2. And combined with the 2.3 update, this is a very powerful and professional editing solution for mobile video and filmmakers.

Here are some of the new features with LumaFusion 2.3:

  • Multiselect Editing: Select a range with handles in the timeline, lasso-select, add and remove individual clips by tapping them, and the ability to drag multiple clips within the timeline.
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste: Within a project or between projects; quickly and efficiently change presets between clips; and copy and paste attributes from a single clip to multiple clips.
  • Frame io: Browse through media in Frame io from the library; while in LumaFusion, you can add, view, and reply to Frame io comments; upload finished and rendered LumaFusion projects to Frame.io and receive comments; drag-and-drop media from Frame.io to the LumaFusion timeline; offline comments that will be added to Frame.io when connected.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Refinements to keyboard shortcuts in all languages via the Editors Keys smart keyboard (iPad Pro, iPad Air 3rd generation, etc.).

The cost of LumaFusion is only $29.99, and if you're doing any sort of mobile video and filmmaking on an iOS device, this is a must-have app. The upgrade is free for existing users. And while you can export an XML file to edit or finish in Final Cut Pro X, Luma Touch promises more NLEs will be supported.

Take the time to watch the LumaFusion 2.3 walkthrough to see all the great new features:

Visit Luma Touch's site to see a full breakdown of LumaFusion's full feature set, and to purchase from the Apple App Store.

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