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LucidLink launches LucidLink Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro at Adobe MAX 2023

LucidLink for Adobe Premiere Pro
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LucidLink for Adobe Premiere Pro

Previously showcased at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, the LucidLink Panel for Premiere Pro has undergone beta testing by numerous creative professionals who rely on Adobe Premiere Pro for their creative endeavors. Let's find out what it is about.

LucidLink Panel

LucidLink, a provider of high-performance remote collaboration storage solutions for the world's leading studios, brands, and creative professionals, releases the LucidLink Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro. This release coincides with Adobe MAX in Los Angeles, CA. The integration of LucidLink's panel into Premiere Pro assists in a new era of editing efficiency, offering creative editors an enhanced, seamless, and accelerated experience within the Adobe Premiere Pro environment.

Magicbox, a mobile LED studio with a full camera motion tracking system, motorized turntable floor, and computer control center – and Supersweet Motion Picture Productions, has been early adopter of LucidLink. They've used LucidLink's capabilities for pre-visualization workflows, virtual art department collaboration, virtual environment creation, and production and post-production processes.

Brian Cibula, President of Supersweet Motion Picture Productions, stated, "Our operation hinges on Adobe software, and the integration of the LucidLink Panel into Premiere Pro has been a game-changer for our teams when they're on the road and unable to use conventional methods for transferring and downloading creative assets. Our editors can now either pin specific clips within their Premiere Pro sequences or, for greater precision, cache clip ranges from their edits, saving countless hours and streamlining our creative workflow."


Magicbox on set

Casual, a global video content production studio helping Fortune 500 clients with thousands of projects annually, has also embraced LucidLink. The LucidLink Panel for Premiere Pro has substantially improved their remote, hybrid, and cross-team collaboration efforts, allowing for a more manageable media pool and more efficient editing processes.

Katie Wade, US Head of Post Production at Casual, explained, "Editing in Premiere Pro is seamless until we enter the realm of remote, hybrid, and global cross-team collaborations. With the LucidLink Panel for Premiere Pro, we no longer need to pin entire media folders; we can simply focus on the relevant content needed for a specific timeline. This integration has enhanced both our machine performance and our editors' efficiency, enabling us to save time on the overall editing process while devoting more time to creativity."


LucidLink in Adobe Premiere Pro

Key Features of the LucidLink Integration for Adobe Premiere Pro include:

  • Proxy and High-Resolution Workflow Intelligence: Users can tailor their cache settings for high-resolution, proxy, or both, facilitating a smooth offline-to-online editorial workflow without the need for extensive downloads or duplications of camera-original files.
  • Optimized Performance: A simple, one-touch adjustment optimizes Premiere Pro settings for peak performance.
  • Real-time Indication: The panel offers real-time notifications when content is not present in a LucidLink Filespace during the pinning or caching process.

Find more about LucidLink here.

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