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Lightworks has a big new release approaching. Get all the details at this webinar

Lightworks is due a big new release soon. Image: LWKS.
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Lightworks is due a big new release soon. Image: LWKS.

A new release is approaching, and Lightworks is promising it will be a big one.

While we have no details on what the new 2021.3 Lightworks release contains as yet, a webinar to be held on July 7th 5pm (UK) promises to divulge all the details. The company claims that the release is "big with a capital B!"

The software has of course been available as a beta download with a full changelog available on the Lightworks website. However rather than make a long list of every minor improvement we'll bring you the full details of the major changes once the event is over.

Chief Marketing Officer, Martin Coles, and Product Manager, Matt Sandford, will be your hosts for the event. In the meantime you can register for the event here, and if you want to find out more about Lightworks itself you can also visit the official website.

Lightworks is one of the most respected NLEs out there at the moment and so any major new developments with it are industry important. We'll keep you posted!

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