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Learn Resolve 17 with Warren Eagles’ new courses

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Colourist and online tutor Warren Eagles has released a new series of online courses for DaVinci Resolve 17.

Warren’s online series of courses from fxphd  are renowned for their quality of instruction. As a teacher for Resolve, you couldn’t get more qualified, having used the system long before it was even a twinkle in Blackmagic Design’s eye.

There are three main new courses, Resolve 17 Fundamentals, Intermediate Resolve 17, and Resolve 17 Insights.

Resolve 17 Insights at $79 is designed for people who know previous versions of the software but who need to get up to speed with the new features of version 17. This course alone includes over two hours of instruction and 17GB of source footage to play with alongside the instruction.

Resolve 17 Fundamentals at $149 is aimed at people who are totally new to the software. The course covers both the editing and the colour grading aspects of it and features of four and a half hours of tuition and over 4GB of source footage. You can even use the footage in your own grading showreel.

Lastly, Intermediate Resolve 17, again at $149, is aimed at people who have completed the fundamentals course, or who already have experience but want to take their skills to the next level.

This course has over four and a half hours of tuition and over 24GB of source footage. People who purchase this course also receive access to private Slack discussion channels to help further their knowledge.

Watch the summary video below and then head on over to fxphd for more information or to join the courses.

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