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Laowa releases Argus T1 Cine Series lenses

The three Full Frame T1 lenses include a 28mm and 35mm
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The three Full Frame T1 lenses include a 28mm and 35mm

The new Laowa Argus T1 Cine Series from Venus Optics comprise an impressive eight total lenses across multiple sensor formats and offer a good-looking balance of speed with affordability.

Available in three different formats, Full-Frame, Super35 & MFT, the new Argus T1 Cine Series are also available in a plethora of mount options, namely Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon Z for Full-Frame format; Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon Z, Fuji X mount for Super35 format; and M4/3 mount for MFT format.

The full specs are at the bottom of the piece, but the lens offerings break down into:
  • Full Frame: 28mm, 35mm, 45mm
  • S35: 18mm, 25mm, 33mm
  • MFT: 18mm, 25mm

The company says that the ultra-large T1 aperture of the Argus T1s offers the capability to achieve a remarkably shallow depth of field with a smooth focus roll-off, which it describes rather poetically as "immersing the audience in a delightful and dreamy atmosphere."

It also says that while ultra-large apertures often encounter chromatic aberration, this series is meticulously designed to deliver exceptional optical performance. These lenses minimize chromatic aberration, ensuring maintained contrast and sharpness even when shooting wide open at that T1 aperture.

With what looks like excellent low light performance, controlled focus breathing, and an average 270-degree focus rotation to help ensure precise and accurate focus control, the series also boasts an impressive close focusing distance of up to 7.88 inches (20cm). This should enable the capture of shots with a blurred background while retaining intricate subject details.

The lenses feature 0.8 mod gearing for both aperture and focus rings and a consistent 80mm outer diameter and 77mmm filter thread. 

Pricing and availability

The Laowa Argus T1 Cine Series is available as of now and is priced at $1499 per lens and $3999 for a 3-lens bundle set in Full-Frame format. In Super35 format, each lens costs $899 (3-lens bundle set: $2399), while in MFT format, each lens is priced at $699 (2-lens bundle set: $1259). 

Full detailed specs below:

argus t1 specs table 1

argus t1 specs table 2

argus t1 specs table 3


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