Kippertie Revolva RF/PL: ENG style filters for your RED Komodo

Written by Simon Wyndham

Kippertie’s new Revolva combination filter mount is designed for RED Komodo, but works on any RF mount camera.                               

The Kippertie RF/PL combination filter mount. Image: Kippertie.
The Kippertie RF/PL combination filter mount. Image: Kippertie.

The premise of the Kippertie Revolva is simple. So simple in fact that it is quite incredible, given how long hybrid cameras have been around, that nobody has made one before. The Revolva is an ND filter system, similar to those that are built into most dedicated camcorders. It has been designed to fit RED Komodo, mounting to its RF mount to allow it to use PL lenses, although it will work on any RF camera. The Revolva system isn’t new. The company also makes one for RED’s other cameras. But this is the first time the system can be mounted on non-RED cameras as well.

This means that those people who own any of the Canon R series mirrorless cameras, or are planning to purchase the EOS R5, you will have the option of giving your device some very convenient ND control, as long as your aim is to use PL lenses. No more messing around with variable NDs or having to constantly change filters. For a price.

Revolva RF/PL combination filter price

The Revolva RF/PL comes starts at a fairly hefty £900, so in this case if you are planning to mount it on a hybrid you might well be better off buying a dedicated camcorder unless you really do need stills capabilities as well. For forthcoming Komodo owners the system will give it some much needed light control.

Kippertie Revolva RF/PL system rear view
Kippertie Revolva RF/PL system rear view. Image: Kippertie.

The Revolva comes compete with a support foot allowing the PL mount to be fixed rigidly to a base plate. There’s also an optional Chinstrap mount that provides extra rigidity when the product is mounted directly to the Komodo body.

The system gives buyers a choice of three different filter cartridges,

  • ND Cartridge S; Clear, ND 0.6, ND 1.2, ND 2.1
  • ND Cartridge A; Clear, ND 0.3, ND 0.6, ND 0.9
  • ND Cartridge B; ND 1.2, ND 1.5, ND 1.8, ND 2.1

The cartridges use full spectrum ND filters so that visible and near-IR light is controlled, minimising any colour shifts.

Kippertie Revolva RF/PL support foot
Kippertie Revolva RF/PL support foot. Image: Kippertie.

The Revolva RF/PL is a fairly niche product. While it works on all RF mount cameras, the number of people who will be wanting to use PL lenses on a mirrorless model will be small. For people who are using the Komodo in the role it was intended, as a smaller camera to use on real film sets as a companion to RED’s main models, it will be a very useful accessory. For more information visit Kippertie's website.

Now, which company will be the first to put a Sony style electronic ND into its mirrorless lineup?

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