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Insta360 unveils all new GPS Action Remote

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With faster and stronger GPS, as well as Bluetooth 5.0, Insta360's new GPS Action Remote promises plenty.

Following hot on the heels of its highly-rated X3 camera, Insta360 has announced the brand new GPS Action Remote, compatible with its X3, One R and One RS 360 cameras. This new accessory replaces the previous GPS Smart Remote with some key upgrades.

What's new?

  • Faster & stronger GPS: Overlay stats on your videos like speed, elevation and more.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection to camera: Quick capture and Bluetooth wake up supported.
  • Rugged and waterproof to 5m: IPX8 waterproof for all-weather performance.
  • 2 adjustable bands for wrist mounting, handlebar mounting and more.
  • Control multiple cameras simultaneously, including Insta360 X3,ONE R and ONE RS

Most notable of these upgrades is the GPS overhaul. The new Action Remote now boasts a powerful 3-mode GPS system utilizing GPS, BD, and GLONASS networks, which should do well to enhance the accuracy and connection speed of the remote. This is promising news for anyone using one of the flagship Insta360 cameras for their action, sports and adventure videos. 

Whether you’re skiing in The Alps, road tripping across the States or bike packing on a remote trail, you’ll now be able to overlay key stats on your videos including speed, elevation, a route map, gradients and plenty more. Importing your footage into the editing app as usual, these can be added with the simple tap of a button. It’s intuitive, simple and straightforward – very much in line with the overall philosophy of the Insta360 ecosystem. We figure that not only is this interesting for us to pore over in a geeky fashion, but it’ll add to the finish of a video, making it even more engaging and entertaining to watch.

Additionally, the waterproofing for all-weather performance is a welcome upgrade (the old GPS Smart Remote was not waterproof at all) and there are some extra features packaged in that caught our attention, most notably the ability to control multiple cameras simultaneously, as well as “waking up” a powered-off camera remotely, via Bluetooth. 

Insta360 is currently a company refusing to stand still and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on this to find out how the new remote continues to take the fight to its competitors. It’s available globally now via store.insta360.com retailing at US$79.99.

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