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IBC2022: From Lightworks to LWKS

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LWKS was spun out from Lightworks to better service the pro market two years ago, but following the pandemic had to wait till this year to make its Amsterdam debut.

The last IBC before last months’ event took place in 2019, three long years ago, and a lot in the industry has changed since. In some cases its like the viewer has skipped a couple of episodes of a long-running drama, in others it’s like they’re missing whole seasons. LWKS is a case in point; a whole new character now standing where Lightworks used to be.

Peter Lambert, CEO at LWKS, explains it all in the video below and how LWKS is taking some of the technology developed for the avowedly prosumer Lightworks NLE (3500 downloads a day and counting)  and repurposing it for the pro market. And currently that includes the React approvals and media sharing platform, which has been used in countless places including the entertainment juggernaut that is the annual Eurovision Song Contest, and the QScan AQC software. 

Oh, and he also drops the wee nugget that the latest Martin Scorsese film, currently in post, is being cut on Lightworks.

“We can pull together the good tech bits and take on the world basically,” he says.

Have a look below. And from 4:40 Jesper Andersen, Directer Cloud Workflow Design, gives a demo of the React platform, and mighty powerful it looks too. 

Find out more about LWKS here.


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