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IBC2022: Avid majors on the cloud

1 minute read

Workflows involving streaming into the cloud, editing in the cloud, and then distributing in the cloud were on the Avid stand at IBC2022.

One of the things that Avid was showcasing at IBC was a complete post production system running in the cloud. According to Product Evangelist, Craig Wilson, that enables users to spin it up when they want to work with it there and spin it down when they don’t need it. It also allows them to connect it to their on-p[rem system so that they have a proxy workflow running in the cloud, something the company is calling Avid Edit on demand.

There’s a lot here. Craig mentions a tech preview called Avid Nexus Edge, a new proxy workflow for remote editing that enables basic things to be done to content in a browser that can then be picked up later by an editor in Avid Media Composer. 

Craig talks a mile a minute and there is a lot of stuff to talk about too. Have a look, and a listen, below.


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