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IBC Show 2021 has been cancelled

Image: IBC.org
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Image: IBC.org

It's been on the cards, but now the organisers of IBC have confirmed that the in-person show has been cancelled for this year.

For the past few weeks the number of vendors pulling out of IBC, as well as attendees has made the continuation of the show this year untenable. Now the organisers have confirmed that the show is now not going ahead.

We had predicted that perhaps they would wait, due to insurance reasons, to see if the lockdown would be extended. But with the numbers already pulling out, as well as the knife edge schedule that the show would be on, there was really no way out. The IABM put out the results of a survey last week showing that only 18% of respondents had intended to attend. IBC put out this statement earlier on today.

"The IBC Partnership Board made the decision today in order to prevent exhibitors and visitors from travelling to The Netherlands.

Due to take place on December 3-6 at The RAI in Amsterdam, IBC20201 will now focus on bringing the content and technology community together via IBC Digital."

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