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Hollyland announces Mars 400S Pro II

Hollyland Technology's newest upgrade in wireless video transmission, the Mars 400S Pro II, is available with immediate effect.

Hollyland Technology describes the new Mars 400S Pro II wireless video transmitter rather poetically as the "best friend to all" as it produces and transmits over 500ft (150m) LOS of range, which the company reckons makes it perfect for any form of production at the pro or amateur level.

It comes fully equipped with SDI+HDMI dual interfaces, supports multi-receiver setups, and allows monitoring through the HollyView App. Dimensions are 110mm x 72mm x 33.5mm dimension, and it weighs only 206g; making it compact, light, and handy on the go. 

Pairing with flexible monitoring options for users, the Mars 400S Pro II promises ultra-low latency, coming in at 0.07s. 

Pricing is $599.

Tags: Production