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Grab a bargain at the CVP Summer Sale - now extended!

There are some exceptional bargains to be had, such as a used Sony HDC-F5500 for a whopping 40% off (close to a £30k saving!)
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There are some exceptional bargains to be had, such as a used Sony HDC-F5500 for a whopping 40% off (close to a £30k saving!)

CVP's Summer Sale has been extended to the end of August, giving you even more time to snag a bargain and save as much as 60% on products from top brands such as ARRI, Sony, Canon, and RED. 

[An early version of this article talked about the sale ending soon, but we're happy to confirm that it has now been extended until August 31!]

The CVP Summer Sale has been underway scene the start of June and so far has shifted a tonne of stock from the company's warehouses. There have been some impressive bargains to be had from the likes of ARRI, Sony, Canon, and RED, with keen-eyed buyers able to save thousands on certain items.

CVP is one of Europe's leading resellers and providers of professional video and broadcast solutions and has excellent facilities and huge amounts of stock in both Europe and the UK. That means that it is able to take a sale that was initially only meant to last a month and extend it right until the end of August.


There is still plenty to be had too. The sale website currently has over 1500 individual items listed from over 250 manufacturers ranging in price from a £2.49 battery plate to a £92,500 set of PL-mount ex-showroom Zeiss SP Radiance lenses.

What's cool about the sale too is that its selection of top-notch filmmaking tools and accessories is not just limited to new kit but also covers CVP's ex-showroom, used, and unboxed items. That means, for instance, that an ex-showroom RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV that is already discounted from £21,000 to £19,000 is now down to £15,900.

There's plenty more at the other end of the spectrum too. Two of the sale's biggest movers so far have been the Inogeni Share 2 Dual Input To USB AV Converter With PiP, down 61% to £562.50, and the Insta360 One X2 Fast Charging Hub which is down 50% to £20.50.

In other words, there's pretty much something for everyone. The sale covers:

● Cine and broadcast cameras: Used RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV, and XL 8K VV, Canon C200, ARRI ALEXA Mini LF set B, SONY F5500, Grass Valley LDX 86, and more
● Premium lenses: Zeiss, Atlas, DZO, Sigma, Laowa, Canon, Irix, Cooke
Optics, ARRI, and more
● Professional lighting equipment, microphones, and an array of
Check it all out at the CVP Summer Sale listings.

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