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Fylm.ai 1.6 adds custom LUTs and more

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Fylm.ai is a cloud-based, AI-powered color grading solution which debuted in 2021 after a successful beta launch. Version 1.6 just released, bringing the ability to import custom LUTs, new LUT packs from Lutify.me, and more.

We first spoke about Fylm.ai when it officially launched in late 2021 after a successful beta. Using AI, color grading is done intelligently within a web browser. It’s also ACES color managed, GPU-accelerated, and compatible with non-ACES workflows. 

Footage is uploaded to the cloud, so anyone on the post-production team has access. There are plenty of features and controls to get the look you’ll want, but AI also helps make it easy for those who want a fast, but professional look via Magic Mode.

Artificial intelligence is all the rage right now, and filmmakers, video producers, and other content creators can take advantage of tools like Fylm.ai to help streamline their pre-production, production, or post-production workflows.

Fylm. ai Ver. 1.6 introduces new features

Version 1.6 of Fylm. ai brings a host of new features, including:

  • Import custom 3D LUT files in the .cube format. Color space support of ACEScct, LogC3, LogC4, Rec709, sRGB, DaVinci Wide Gamut and REDWideGamut.
  • Export a LUT from ARRI ALEXA 35 cameras into the LogC4 pipeline.
  • Lutify.me which features free screen-referred LUT packs. They include Cine World Pro - Amy (emulates Fuji 3513 film), Commercial Pro - Claire (cold-warm / teal-orange), Colour Film Boost Pro 10 (emulates Kodak 2383 film), Film Tone Pro 3 (emulates Kodak 2393 film), and Film Tone Pro 2 (emulates Kodak 2383 but with a broader range of lighting conditions). Check them out here.

Any content creator can use Fylm.ai to color grade their projects, no matter the size. But it’s especially useful for those working with a team that needs access to the project, including the director, cinematographer, editor, VFX artist and more. And if the team is spread out worldwide, as long as they have high speed internet, collaboration is easy.

With tools like Magic Mode, getting the look you want is easy and fast. There’s no need for an advanced degree to professionally grade a project.

What does it cost to use Fylm.ai?

There are four levels of pricing for Fylm.ai:

  • Free: Good for one user, 3 projects maximum, and 1 GB of cloud storage.
  • Pro: $16/month (paid annually) and while it starts with one user, you get unlimited projects and LUT creation; 50 GB of cloud storage; easy collaboration and commenting; and the ability to share with clients without any extra charges. Excellent for individual editors or a small production house.
  • Team: $41/month (paid annually) and it starts with 3 users; everything found in the Pro level; 100 GB of cloud storage; team-only commenting; more user roles; client-assignable statuses; and priority support. This is good for a full team of editors, VFX artists, etc.
  • Enterprise: Pricing depends on a few factors, but includes everything found in the Team level; multiple organizations; custom quotas; the ability to organize members into teams (great for different parts of a major project); dedicated support; and, coming soon, API access. This is perfect for a large production or post house or a team working on a massive project like a major film with different deliverables.

Learn more at Fylm.ai, and check out the company's cloud-based RAW photo editor while you’re there.

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