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Future Moments adds collaboration to its Mobile Multi-Track recording studio app for iOS

Image: Future Moments.
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Image: Future Moments.

Send and Share Audio Projects, Add New Tracks and Audio Effects Without Compromising Personal Data and Privacy. 

Future Moments has announced an upgrade to its mobile multi-track recording studio app for iOS, MicSwap MultiTrack. 

MicSwap MultiTrack is a mobile multitrack recording studio optimized for mobile content creators - from mobile filmmakers and podcasters to musicians and voiceover artists - enabling them to record or import audio on separate tracks, choose from a library of modeled professional microphones, swap between them on each track, and create a professional calibre, high fidelity mix of their audio recordings. 

The big news with v2.0 is that Future Moments is adding a new collaboration feature allowing content creators to send and share audio projects with friends and colleagues, who then are able to add new tracks and mixes to the original project. For mobile filmmakers, podcasters and journalists, this means that audio recordings from disparate collaborators can be easily added to their professionally mixed audio tracks within a project. And for musicians with band members in multiple locations - and who may not be able to record in person due to travel limitations - each member can easily record, mix and add their individual tracks to the master project all from their mobile devices. 

Future Moments has also extended MicSwap MultiTrack to the Mac OS desktop at no additional cost for customers; users who begin a project on their mobile devices can finish it on the desktop.

Image: Future Moments.

Protecting Personal Data, Privacy

Content creators should also be pleased that Future Moments has added this new collaboration feature without requiring users to create special accounts to participate. Users simply share tracks with each other using their favorite chat or messaging app; this preserves user privacy as there is no data sharing and no content is stored on external cloud or company servers.

Some of the other new features in MicSwap MultiTrack 2.0 include:

  • Simple track sharing and collaboration via private, secure messaging apps;
  • Updated user interface, intuitive simple workflow;
  • Tested and ready for iOS 15 and all new Apple devices;
  • Available at no additional cost on any Mac OS desktop through the App Store.

What else can creators do with MicSwap MultiTrack 2.0?

The ability to assign different mic sounds, pan, reverb and delay on each track, helps artists get better separation between each instrument or voice to ensure a great sounding mix. Users can also mix down projects and send it directly to Future Moments’ AudioMaster app for instant mastering. Here’s a short list of the features in MicSwap MultiTrack:

  • Ability to use standalone or with an external mic or interface;
  • Record using different microphones for different sounds (20 microphone models included);
  • Swap mics to change the sound of any pre-existing audio;
  • Adjust the gain on any microphone;
  • Pan or change the volume of each track
  • Add reverb or delay to each track
  • Enable / disable live monitoring;
  • AudioCopy enabled;
  • Record in Wav or M4a.

MicSwap Multitrack v2.0 is available immediately from the App Store and is priced at $19.99 USD for a perpetual license, along with several flexible subscription options based on user needs. To download a free trial version, please visit here.

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