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From Shoot to Storefront, get to know Pond5's all new features for creators [Sponsored]

RedShark's Maari Innes looks for those waves!
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RedShark's Maari Innes looks for those waves!

Pond5 recently gave the power back to creators with its all new Storefront and Refer & Earn program. We've put together this video guide, in association with Pond5, to show you how it all works!

Stock footage is used the world over, from small corporate productions all the way up to some of the largest feature films, and it is independent creators who are powering that content creation.

Long gone are the days when stock footage had low production values, today's creators are putting together high production value, cinematic imagery that will bolster any production it is used within.

RedShark's Chief Editor, Simon Wyndham, used to produce stock footage, but hasn't done so for quite some time. So we decided to send him, along with RedShark's Maari Innes, out on a mission to Pembrokeshire, UK, to film some surf lifestyle shots to show you the great new features Pond5 has designed for contributors to the site.

Join Simon and Maari as they battle with less than ideal shooting conditions to get some footage in the can!

To learn more about producing and earning from your own stock footage, join the Pond5 Contributors program.

Pond5 Referral Program Best Practices.

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