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Frame.io @ NAB Show 2023: "There's no future for media."

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Video: Live from the NAB show floor with Adobe's Sr. Director, Global Innovation, Michael Cioni, on Frame.io's continuing mission to eliminate hard drives, cards, and more.

The big news from Frame.io at NAB Show 2023 was the way that it was expanding to also address the stills market.

"What's cool about Frame.io today is the movement towards photographers. We were a video platform and now we're widening between video and stills. And to kick that off, we partnered with the amazing photo company, Fujifilm," comments Adobe's Sr. Director, Global Innovation, Michael Cioni. 

"The H2S and the H2 are two cameras, 26 megapixel or 40 megapixel with 6k and 8k Pro Res, and you can shoot right from the camera into the cloud; these cameras now transmit right from the cameras, using your phone as a hotspot, and shooting right into Frame.io. We're also demonstrating how to take that into post production. In post production we've partnered with Capture One and so now you can shoot from these cameras tether-free frames right into Capture One sessions and start editing your photos and publish it back to Frame.io so you can distribute. 

"The mission for us is really to eliminate these," he says, pausing for effect and holding up a SD card. "Who wants this? There's no future for media; if you think there's a future and hard drives and little cards and your cameras you're wrong."

It's a great video. Have a look below.


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