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Frame.io introduces real-time logging

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Camera to cloud workflows get an editing speed boost with Frame.io's introduction of real-time logging via Ambient’s NanoLockit devices.

Frame.io has just announced announce Real-Time Logging (RTL), the newest addition to its the Camera to Cloud workflow. The idea is a simple one; RTL allows users to communicate their thoughts about what the camera is capturing—as it’s happening—with just the push of a button.

RTL is enabled by connecting NanoLockit devices from German manufacturer Ambient to a Frame.io project and is available for the current version of Frame.io today (with, of course, Frame.io V4 access coming later this year).

ambient nanolockit

With buttons that are pre-programmed to indicate certain comments, RTL lets users send a heat map of timecode-accurate, customizable comments directly to an editor. For example, the green button can indicate “great moment” while the red button might indicate “leave this out.” 

It’s a neat system and frame.io describes the way it uses it itself when shooing its own customer stories. “As our director is talking to our customer-subjects, he’s able to mark which sound bites he thinks are great without ever breaking eye contact with the interviewee. Additionally, attendees from our marketing team have their own devices assigned to them so they can weigh in [with their own comments] ensuring that the right information from our marketing brief finds its way into the video.”

It’s easy to imagine the time this can save, allowing editors to quickly identify relevant clips while they are coming in rather than having to wade through all the footage, rapidly accelerating more than one type of editing workflow as well as allowing productions to triage comments from multiple viewpoints.

frameio rtl example

While the feature is free, the NanoLockits aren’t and are currently retailing for €279. And to find out why you might want to think of that as a worthwhile investment, there’s a  Frame.io LIVE event today at 10am PT where host Shawn McDaniel will talk with Dennis Wiehberg, Senior Project Manager Innovation at Red Bull Media House, about how they used Camera to Cloud with RTL on the recent Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and FIM Hard Enduro World Championship.

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